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60 vehicles and weapons available in two versions: Clean and destroyed.

The Total War Destruction pack is: 6 auto-machine guns, 4 tanks, 3 planes, 1 truck Berliet, 3 ambulances, 3 cannons, 3 heavy machine guns, 3 mortars, 1 tractor, 1 motorcycle + 3 tanks destroyed, 3 planes destroyed, 1 destroyed US Nash quad truck, 1 destroyed French auto machine gun, 1 US destroyed car armored, 3 French, English and German pilots and 30 soldiers surrendering by nationality (6 French, 6 English, 6 Russian, 6 American and 6 German).

Files Pre-supported - Files Test Printed.

The project is 1/56 scale .

  • Tanks: Renault FT17 Berlier Tank, Sturmpanzerwagen A7V Tank, Heavy Battle Tank MK.IV, M1918 Tank US.

  • Ambulances: French ambulance 1914 with horses and motorized Lorraine-Dietrich ambulance, american ambulance.

  • Cannons: French 75mm Schneider, British QF13 Pounder,  German Morser M10

  • Heavy machine gun: French  "Hotchkiss", German Machine gun MG 08

  • Mortar: French mortar "Crapouillot", Heavy Trench Mortar 25 cm Minenwerfer,

  • Cannons: Canon 75mm Schneider FR, QF13 Pounder UK,  Morser M10 GER.

  •  Planes: French Nieuport C1, German Albatros DII, British SE-5A

  • Auto Machine gun: “Silver Ghost” Rolls Royce, Ehrhardt EV4, Büssing A5P, Half track car Austin-Kegresse, Ford T RNAS car, Austin Mk4 Armored Car destroyed, auto machine gun Renault, US Armored car Jeffery.

  • Moto: Triumph 1916 type H

  • Truck: Berliet CBA, US Nash Quad Truck.


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