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You want to resell our 3D printed objects, subscribe to our annual licenses. You have the choice between 3 types of annual license: To sell 1 model, 1 pack or the whole collection. With the license you benefit from objects with the installed supports (Pre-supported). From a privileged contact with Alphonse Marcel to help you succeed in your 3D printing. 

The $195 license is valid for 1 pack and 1 year (Example: Total war 1915 pack or the steampunk alphabet pack).

Roadster 02_13c.jpg

if you take the Total war 1915 license, you have the right to resell the 400 STL in printed version. This will give you access to a confidential code, which will give you a 100% discount on the entire Total war 1915 collection.

The $150 license is valid for 1 object and 1 year (Example: 1 vehicle, 1 robot or 1 box).

Roadster 02_01c_edited.jpg
  • License 1 pack

    For 1 pack
    Valable 2 ans
    • License to resell 1 pack in printed version.
    • Total war 1915 or Steampunk Alphabet for 2 years
    • A press kit is provided for merchants.
  • License 1 model

    For 1 model
    • License to resell 1 object in printed version.
    • A press kit is provided for merchants.
  • License Full Models

    2 000$US
    License for all model from the Alphonse Marcel collection.
    • License is valid to sell in printed model all the collection
    • A press kit is provided for merchants.

The 2000$ license is valid to sell in printed model all the objects of the Alphonse Marcel collection (1 year).


By joining the subscription service, you support Alphonse Marcel and the sustainability of our creations for 3D printing. Alphonse Marcel is made up of a group of 4 freelance whose passion is 3D and 3D printing. 

We are eternally grateful for your continued support to Alphonse Marcel. By being part of the community, you help us develop 3D printing and you allow us to continue to offer new and exciting creations.

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