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How to download the 60 packs of the "Total war 1915" project: Reserved for Kickstarter contributors.


The procedure is first to register on We will send you a 100% discount coupon (A code) which will give you free access to the entire "Total war 1915" collection. Then you "buy" the packs and before paying you enter the coupon and there you will see the bill will be 0 $ and from that moment you can download.

Music copyrights: Julian Dagorno, Frederic Jaffre.



How to magnify the details of a model for better solidity. How to change the size of an object.

When you reduce the size of a miniature certain details become fragile. It is therefore necessary to magnify the details so that the impression becomes solid. I use Meshmixer to magnify the details. We made a calibration object to help you scale your miniatures. You have to download two free software. 

Calibration cube for model printing: Download here

Free slicer: LycheeSlicer 

Free re-topology software: Meshmixer

Music copyrights: Julian Dagorno, Frederic Jaffre.

Roadster 02_05c_edited.jpg
Roadster 02_12c_edited.jpg

Buy, download and install the supports for a 3D model.

In this turorial you will find out how to buy and download a model from our collection. Then we are often asked the question how to change the size of the model, this is very easy using software called "Slicer".

Then the last step is to place supports on the model which will help with the 3D printing.

Free slicer: LycheeSlicer 

Music copyrights: Julian Dagorno, Frederic Jaffre.


Today in 300 seconds, I will be modeling a 1915 Ford T auto-machine gun. that will be printed at a scale of 1/72.
I use 3dsmax to make my objects, but you can use other 3D softwares, they all have qualities.
This tutorial is not intended for the professional 3d designer, but for people who print in 3d and want to create their own 3d objects.

I'm going to make an object that has a simple shape, the Ford T. The Ford T is a WWI auto-machine gun. In 1915, a special design for naval armored cars was developed on a Ford Model T chassis by Chief Petty Officer L. Gutteridge. These cars with British crews served in Russia.
As the object is going to be printed at 1/72 scale, I am going to magnify all the details right off the bat, to make sure it is solid. Because the object will be very small, the vehicle will be 5 centimeters in length at most.

Free slicer: LycheeSlicer 

Free 3D software: Blender

Free re-topology software: Meshmixer

Music copyrights: Julian Dagorno, Frederic Jaffre.




Apply a patina in 4 steps.
I use his products, there are other brands.There is a bottle for gold paint.And a bottle for the oxidizing product. It takes two brushes, one for gold and one for the oxidizing product.
The idea is not to pollute the gold paint with residues of oxidizing product.

First step, apply the gold paint.
shake well, because the gold paint is thick. First we apply the gold layer. The importance of the material is the feeling, personally I want the aging effect is strong, so I put a lot of material. First step completed. Immediately the oxidizing product must be applied to the fresh paint.

Second step, apply the oxidizing product.
I take my second brush. Delicately pour the product on the object. Fill the gaps well. Let dry 1 hour. The oxidation is complete, the aged effect is very successful and already exploitable. But I prefer to add two more steps for an even more beautiful effect.
Third step, the varnish.
I use a nail polish for the house, it is cheap and very effective.
Fourth and last step, gold brushing.
Let it dry for half an hour. On a sheet of paper, I eliminate the excess paint. Delicately and with the end of the brush without pressing I paint the outer surfaces. The goal is to leave the green patina in the hollows.


Music copyrights: Julian Dagorno, Frederic Jaffre.



Welcome to this incredible “Total War 1915” pack. You will find more 400 STL, French, British, US, German and German soldiers from the First World War. We have sculpted several combat figures. But you will also discover soldiers in new and original poses, for example, soldiers who have lunch, who play music, who take pictures of themselves or resting in the infirmary. To make the battle complete, we sculpted 10 trench decor elements to create superb dioramas. We also include more than 40 props to finish the decoration such as tables, chairs, stools, benches, helmets, stone, weapons, etc... We provide 18 bases for the miniatures to be playable on Wargames. 

This huge pack the "Total war full pack" is divided into two main parts: a first Diorama (1/35) part with more than 300 STL and a second Wargame (28mm) part with more than 100 STL (Vehicles, weapons, planes, tanks, etc.), see our stretch goals for more details.



Download this incredible articulated robot. It consists of 46 parts, there are 16 joints. This robot is inspired by a retro-futuristic comic that we made a few years ago, its title: ANIKEY and NIKITA.


During the Cold War, the discovery of a new energy: the Krill by a young prodigy from the Soviet Union will turn the tide of history. During his research, Professor Anikei never suspected that his government would make terrible use of the Krill. Intended to serve as powerful new weapons, the Krill allows the Russians to invade and colonize Western Europe.

Disgusted by the horror of war, Anikei decides to abandon the land. A true genius of science, he built a giant launcher and created a space station ... which he joined. For 7 years, Anikei lives as a hermit in his research. Far from earth, orbiting in space, he suddenly has the idea of ​​a new creation. A creation that will upset him forever...

Steampunk chess game C 03_edited_edited.jpg


World War I inspired steampunk chess game. Unique and new chess game, modeled in high quality. You find the French and German side. There are 12 models, rook, knight, bishop, king, queen and pawn. 

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