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Download this incredible articulated robot (.STL). It consists of 46 parts, there are 16 joints.

This robot is inspired by a retro-futuristic comic : ANIKEY and NIKITA.


During the Cold War, the discovery of a new energy: the Krill by a young prodigy from the Soviet Union will turn the tide of history. During his research, Professor Anikei never suspected that his government would make terrible use of the Krill. Intended to serve as powerful new weapons, the Krill allows the Russians to invade and colonize Western Europe.

Disgusted by the horror of war, Anikei decides to abandon the land. A true genius of science, he built a giant launcher and created a space station ... which he joined. For 7 years, Anikei lives as a hermit in his research. Far from earth, orbiting in space, he suddenly has the idea of ​​a new creation. A creation that will upset him forever...

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