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Welcome to this incredible “Total War 1915” pack. You will find more 400 STL, French, British, US, Russian and German soldiers from the First World War. 


This huge pack the "Total war full pack" is divided into two main parts: a first Diorama (1/35) part with more than 300 STL and a second Wargame (28mm) part with more than 100 STL (Vehicles, weapons, planes, tanks, etc.).


NEW: A new tutorial has been created to explain how to change the size of your miniatures by reinforcing fragile details. Click here


You want to sell the printed models of the "Total war 1915" collection (More than 400 models) click here for a license.

if you take the Total war 1915 license, you have the right to resell the 400 STL in printed version. This will give you access to a confidential code, which will give you a 100% discount on the entire Total war 1915 collection.

Many of you ask us if we provide our 3D printed models. We have the honor to introduce you to our official resellers.

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