WWI steampunk chess game, French and German side

WWI steampunk chess game, French and German side


World War I inspired steampunk chess game. Unique and new chess game, modeled in high quality. Steampunk and WWI inspired.

You will find the French side which can be printed in white and black. There are 12 models, rook, knight, bishop, king, queen and pawn. 

Printing time: 6 hours for one model.

Choose the high quality printing mode, save time in post-processing and gain in printing smoothness.

Be careful when removing the supports due to small details

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    All my objects have been printed in high definition. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I wish you a good 3d print. Alphonse

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Copyright, Alphonse Marcel, 2021 / France 

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