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28mm UK Wargame 21 STL

28mm UK Wargame 21 STL


23 STL: 17 soldiers, 4 officers, 1 mortar, 1 machine gun.

a)  soldier walks 1 b) soldier walks 2 c) soldier walks 3 d) soldier walks 4 e) soldier walks 5 f) soldier kneeling shooting 1 g) soldier kneeling 2) h) soldier shooting 3 i) soldier shooting 4 j) soldier running k) soldier grenade i) officer 1 m) officer running n) officer order o) officer binoculars


UK Mortar:

a) soldier holding a shell b) mortar c) kneeling soldier 1 d) kneeling soldier 2


UK Machine Gun:

a) lying soldier 1 b) machinegun soldier c) machine gun d) lying soldier 2

All models are tested and printed before being downloaded.

No sharing, no sub-licensing, no transferring, no distributing and no derivative. 

If you want a license to resell our objects in printed version, contact us.

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