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Alphonse Marcel has been created around 2018. When I started Alphonse Marcel, I was alone. Today a team has been formed, and we are 4 crazy freelance team.


Some of us have more than twenty years of experience and have gone through renowned Art schools. We are passionate about all styles of Steampunk, Cyberpunk or Diesel-punk.

We have been Parisians for several generations. Our ancestors were sculptors, they worked with their hands and tools, we took over with our computers.


We continue the traditions while respecting the values ​​of our ancestors, work, rigor and perseverance.


Alphonse Marcel Team: Alphonse, Lili, Pierrick, Eliott.


In the gang, some designers adore the military of the early twentieth century and many others fantasize about industrial art and new romantics art. The eclecticism of our group is one of our strengths. 

When we discovered the 3d printing, it was fascinating, for the first time in our life we ​​actually touched our virtual objects. When we began to create objects for 3d printing, we considered it to be a new media, it is a revolution like the invention of printing by Gutenberg.

We are all 3D professionals; our daily job is to make 3D computer graphics for historical films and documentaries broadcast all around the world. It explains why our historical objects are made on the basis of period documents, archives and checked by international historians.


My great grandfather during the First World War. He was a pilot in the famous stork squadron.

Our district the 11th arrondissement in Paris.

By purchasing our models or our services, you support Alphonse Marcel and the sustainability of our creations for 3D printing. Alphonse Marcel is made up of a group of 4 freelance whose passion is 3D and 3D printing. 

We are eternally grateful for your continued support to Alphonse Marcel. By being part of the community, you help us develop 3D printing and you allow us to continue to offer new and exciting creations.

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