Alphonse Marcel has been created around 2018. When I started Alphonse Marcel, I was alone.

Today a team has been formed, and we are 5 crazy designers. Some of us have more than ten years of experience and have gone through renowned Art schools.

We are passionate about all styles of Steampunk, like Cyberpunk or Diesel-punk. In the gang, some designers adore the military of the early twentieth century and many others fantasize about industrial art and new romantics art. The eclecticism of our group is one of our strength.

We are all 3D professionals; our daily job is to make 3D computer graphics for historical films and documentaries broadcast all around the world.

It explains why our historical objects are made on the basis of period documents, archives and checked by international historians.

When we discovered the 3d printing, it was fascinating, for the first time in our life we ​​actually touched our virtual objects. When we began to create objects for 3d printing, we considered it to be a new media, it is a revolution like the invention of printing by Gutenberg.

Download this incredible articulated robot. It consists of 46 parts, there are 16 joints.

This robot is inspired by a retro-futuristic comic : ANIKEY and NIKITA.


During the Cold War, the discovery of a new energy: the Krill by a young prodigy from the Soviet Union will turn the tide of history. During his research, Professor Anikei never suspected that his government would make terrible use of the Krill. Intended to serve as powerful new weapons, the Krill allows the Russians to invade and colonize Western Europe.

Disgusted by the horror of war, Anikei decides to abandon the land. A true genius of science, he built a giant launcher and created a space station ... which he joined. For 7 years, Anikei lives as a hermit in his research. Far from earth, orbiting in space, he suddenly has the idea of ​​a new creation. A creation that will upset him forever...

You want a commercial license to resell our objects in printed version, contact us.