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Mini WWI steampunk chess, US side

Mini WWI steampunk chess, US side


World War I inspired steampunk chess game. You find the US side which can be printed in white and black. There are 6 models, rook, knight, bishop, king, queen and pawn. 

US Steampunk chess Game travel version - Files Pre-supported - Files Test Printed.

US Steampunk chess game travel, the chess board comes in two designs, a one-piece version and a four-piece version. Chess board game travel - Size: 15cms x 15cms - 5,9inches x 5,9inches. 

  • Hi,

    All my objects have been printed in high definition. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I wish you a good 3d print. Alphonse

    No sharing, no sub-licensing, no transferring, no distributing and no derivative.

Alle Modelle werden vor dem Download getestet und gedruckt.

Kein Teilen, keine Unterlizenzierung, kein Übertragen, kein Verteilen und kein Derivat. 

Wenn Sie eine Lizenz zum Weiterverkauf unserer Objekte in gedruckter Version wünschen, kontaktieren Sie uns.

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