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Welcome to this incredible “Total War 1915” pack. You will find more 272 STL, French, British, US and German soldiers from the First World War, at 1/35 and 1/72 scale (Wargame). We have sculpted several combat figures. But you will also discover soldiers in new and original poses, for example, soldiers who have lunch, who play music, who take pictures of themselves or resting in the infirmary. To make the battle complete, we sculpted 10 trench decor elements to create superb dioramas. We also include more than 40 props to finish the decoration such as tables, chairs, stools, benches, helmets, stone, weapons, etc... We provide 18 bases for the miniatures to be playable on Wargames. 

This huge pack the "Total war full pack" is divided into two main parts: a first Diorama part with more than 272 STL and a second Wargame part with more than 100 STL (Vehicles, weapons, planes, tanks, etc.), see our stretch goals for more details.


Includes a tutorial to convert 1/35 scale figures to 1/72 scale.


US full pack


Props pack (Work in progress)


Bases pack (Work in progress)


We continue to sculpt the models and we will keep you updated regularly on the progress of our work.

Pack surrender. 


Pack wash. Work in progress.


Pack Wargame. 100 STL - Work in progress.

TOTAL WAR Full Pack.  More 400 STL 


Why do we sculpt this huge pack? The Alphonse Marcel team in addition to sculpting 3D models for the community, has the chance to work in parallel on historical films distributed around the world. We had the honor of carving soldiers and vehicles of the First World War, these objects have been verified and validated by international historians.


We own the items and we want to share them with you through this incredible pack: “Total War 1915”.

Alphonse Marcel has been created around 2018. When I started Alphonse Marcel, I was alone. Today a team has been formed, and we are 4 crazy freelance team. Some of us have more than ten years of experience and have gone through renowned Art schools. We are passionate about all styles of Steampunk, like Cyberpunk or Diesel-punk.


In the gang, some designers adore the military of the early twentieth century and many others fantasize about industrial art and new romantics art. The eclecticism of our group is one of our strengths. 

When we discovered the 3d printing, it was fascinating, for the first time in our life we ​​actually touched our virtual objects. When we began to create objects for 3d printing, we considered it to be a new media, it is a revolution like the invention of printing by Gutenberg.

Alphonse Marcel Team: Lili, Eliott, Alphonse, Pierrick, Yann.