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Rouge et bleu Feux d'artifice


  1. ELEGOO MARS PRO 2 Printer + Total War Pack (200 STL) 

  2. Resins or filament 2 Liters  + Patriot Pack (21 STL, choice of nationality: French, English, or German) 

  3. Patriot Pack (21 STL, choice of nationality: French, English, or German)  



Everyone is invited to join the Alphonse Marcel competition. As part of the competition, we are making available 4 unpublished files,  three soldiers (English, French, German) and a support  taken from Alphonse Marcel's Total War 1915 Kickstarter campaign.

To participate, you simply need to download our files, print, paint, create an environment and take photos.

Submissions close on January 31, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. GMT and winners will be announced shortly after the contest closes.


Rewards from the Kickstarter campaign  Total War 1915 will be available from March 1, 2022. 


You can use any 3D printer (resin or FDM) to print your model. There are no restrictions on the brand of the 3D printing machine or material. Use your imagination and be creative in how you present your print; whether it is the environment in which you place it,  the way you paint it. All printing scales are accepted, our files are in 1/35 format, you want to go crazy and print everything very large, go for it!


Several factors come into play when judging a print and a painting. Consider the criteria listed below to help you achieve first place to win a latest version Elegoo Mars Pro2 and other prizes!

  1. Print quality - avoid showing layer lines in your print or warping on the outside, try as much as possible to smooth your print before painting: 10 points

  2. Paint quality - a clean paint job can really bring life to life: 10 points

  3. Stage quality - the final touch is the quality of your staging, remember to heal  light, consider your background (white background, black background, natural background, etc.)  Originality is key! : 5 dots

  4. Image quality - since you've put so much time and effort into creating a beautiful 3D model, it's important to present your print clearly with a crisp, high-quality image and nice framing. : 5 dots


The jury will be made up of the Alphonse Marcel team.

Historical references:


Welcome to this amazing “Total War 1915” pack. You will find 200 STL, French, English and German soldiers from the First World War, at 1/35 scale. We have sculpted several combat figures. But you will also discover soldiers in new and original poses, for example, soldiers who have lunch, who play music, who take pictures of themselves or resting in the infirmary. To make the battle complete, we sculpted 10 trench decor elements to create superb dioramas. We also include 40 props to finish the decoration such as tables, chairs, stools, benches, helmets, stone, weapons, etc... We provide 18 bases for the miniatures to be playable on Wargames.  

Includes a tutorial to convert 1/35 scale figures to 1/72 scale.  

More information on Kickstarter:  Total War 1915

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